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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Market introduction is in early 2025 with a ventilation only version. More features (like heat pump) will be added via software upgrades in the course of 2025.

  • Please contact our sales team

  • Europe

  • Ivy Home is Matter ready and will support Matter with a software upgrade in the future

  • Heat pump support will be gradually added via software upgrades. The hardware is ready to support on/off/ OpenTherm and ModBus

  • The Ivy product line is designed in a light color scheme (white). There are options for custom color schemes (e.g., black) on request.

  • Yes Ivy Home has been designed for ease of use and ease of installation. It works on 230V or 24V, can control heat pumps via Modbus, on/off and OpenTherm bus and can reuse existing wires. On top there are wireless connectivity options via RF ay 868MHz, Wi-Fi, and BLE).

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