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IVY, our new system for controlling air quality and comfort in your home!

With the IVY product line, Airios introduces a new system that brings air quality and comfort in residential homes to the next level. The IVY system is designed to monitor and control air quality and temperature in each room of your house. Multiple sensors measure temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter to efficiently control your heating and ventilation system and provide insights in your indoor air quality and energy consumption as well. IVY control devices support a wide range of heat recovering ventilation systems and heat pumps to meet and exceed the next generation sustainable building regulations. The high quality product design and compatibility with smart home systems makes the IVY system a perfect fit for any house.


IVY Provides clear insights in energy consumption

IVY Home is the central product in the IVY product line, which controls ventilation, heating and cooling in residential and light commercial buildings. The high-resolution display provides a userfriendly interface which gives full control of ventilation and comfort conditions in every room of your house. Four integrated sensors, temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and particulate matter, measure the air quality and are used to automatically control the ventilation system and heat pump. We are all aware that gaining insights in air quality and energy efficiency is becoming more and more important. That is exactly what IVY Home does by providing easy understandable air quality and energy graphs through its user interface.

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