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Airios will introduce a new controller called Ivy Home by the end of 2024. It will be a system that controls air quality and comfort in residential homes!

We regulate the indoor air quality and temperature of your home, individually per room if desired. Several integrated sensors measure the air quality and are used to automatically control your ventilation unit and heat sources to internal and external conditions, and respond to the next generation of sustainable solutions, such as heat pumps.

Gaining insights in efficiency is becoming more and more important and that is exactly what this Ivy home shows you! Energy saving is key!

The Ivy Home has a nice color display and connects through Wi-Fi, Matter, Modbus, Google assistant, etc. The set-up for installation is very easy and quick and the user-friendliness is remarkable.

Soon we will tell you more about the special features this new controller has. Keep a look out for this page or better yet, register your e-mail address and be amongst the first ones to know all the news about introduction, features, availability and other functions of Ivy home.

IVY, our new system for controlling air quality and comfort in your home!

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